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February 24, 2017

Game Jam 3 – Open for registration!

CoRe-Jolts-Game-JamWe had so much fun at our second Collaborative Game Jam in June 2016 – and even more as we brought one of the games created there to production – that we decided to make the CoRe Jolts Game Jam an annual event!

If you’d like to spend a weekend with a group of creative and collaborative individuals exploring ways to solve any number of problems through game design, join us at Game Jam 3, May 5-7, 2017.

What to expect from a Game Jam?

We’ll spend our first evening together getting to know each other, discussing the kinds of games we are each interested in creating or playing, and developing a shared understanding of collaborative games and their potential. We’ll play a few games to get a feel for them.

Game JamOn Saturday morning, we’ll form teams to begin work on games. Teams are self-selected based on shared interests or objectives. Groups will spend Saturday developing their idea, and building a prototype. We’ll take breaks throughout the day for refreshments and chances to discuss what is happening in different groups. Occasionally, that leads to some mixing and matching of groups – bringing new skills and ideas to the task.

Sunday morning is typically devoted to readying a game for presentation to other teams, while Sunday afternoon will be used to share creations, ideas, observations, and any future plans.

Whether or not your team creates a complete game during the weekend, you’ll have fun, learn a lot about collaborative games, and come away with new ideas about how to work together!

What if we create a game that we want to produce?

cards-in-handEveryone attending our Game Jams agrees in advance that games and ideas arising form the Game Jam can be developed further, however, all participants in a game’s creation will be consulted about future production. No one is committed to take the game further than the Game Jam.

We have taken one game from Game Jam to Kickstarter and commercial sales РZombie Fight or Flight. Our experience of doing so was incredibly positive. We had a group of 7 people committed to working through the full development process, and we collaborated in the process. We learned a HUGE amount about everything connected to game development, and are happy to work with teams or other groups of participants in supporting development of the next great thing, too!


Check out our Game Jam page for further information, and register soon if you want to be sure to attend in May. If you have additional questions, email us at


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