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November 5, 2019

Interested in travel and learning for Conflict Resolution professionals?

It’s Conflict Resolution Week (#CRW2019) in British Columbia, and I just happen to be spending the week travelling in Lebanon and Jordan before attending a continuing legal education program in Israel.  The combination of travel and course work has led to me to recall conversations I’ve had with several colleagues over the years, in which we have shared our common desire to find a combination of travel and study that broadens our understanding of conflict resolution practice and reinvigorates our own work.

Of course, there are many advanced mediator workshops and retreats that offer skills practice and reflection. However, I’m interested in something a bit different than most I’ve found What excites me is the idea of exploring traditional conflict resolution practices in a wide array of locales; immersing oneself in spaces of memory of intransigent conflict and learning about and from those struggles; and joining in arts-based workshops that examine conflict resolution from an entirely different approach. Even better, a combination of all three!

Most recently, I spent time with Julie Daum (an extraordinary mediator and creative thinker) and brainstormed some of the types of workshops or retreats we would design for ourselves with these kinds of objectives in mind. We came up with far, far too many, and I’m wondering if enough others might be excited by the same kinds of ideas that it would be feasible to plan such a learning adventure?

And so, for #CRW2019, I’m looking for input from other experienced conflict resolution professionals: what kinds of adventures might you be interested in joining?

Here are some of the ideas Julie Daum and I have generated.

  • Learning about traditional conflict resolution practices in situ
    • ho’oponoponoin Hawaii
    • indaba in South Africa
    • Hui-a-whānau in New Zealand
    • bah’latsin British Columbia (in a location to be chosen by Julie)
  • Workshops connected to arts-based practices
  • Truth and Reconciliation travel, in conjunction with local experts
    • Many possible Canadian sites of learning, including
      • Nowh Guna’/Our Way Carrier Cultural Competency Training in Prince George
      • Iqaluit or other northern communities
    • South Africa
    • Solomon Islands
  • Immersive travels to areas to explore the legacy of war and genocide
    • Holocaust memorialization (Austria, Germany, Poland)
    • Croatia and Serbia
    • Armenia

Do any of these inspire you? Or do they inspire other ideas that you’d like to share?

If you might be interested in travelling with a group of conflict resolution professionals for a truly immersive learning experience, please fill out this survey or email me at If there is enough interest and enough commonality of focus, I’ll try to take this “bucket list” development to the next level and look at actually planning something!

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