About CoRe Jolts

Welcome to CoRe Jolts!  This blog is a fundraising project for the CoRe Conflict Resolution Clinic.  CoRe is a registered charity that provides conflict resolution education through its Speaker Series, training offerings, and other special events.

CoRe Jolts will provide ideas for impasse breaking, generating ideas, and creativity for mediators.  The idea of a “jolt” comes from a workshop given by Kat Koppett at the Applied Improvisation Network conference in Portland 2009 on “Jolts, Exercises and Frame Games” – three categories of activities that trainers can use in a wide variety of training contexts.  She describes jolts as “short activities designed to change attitudes or mindsets.”  CoRe Jolts aren’t necessarily activities, they’re ideas for shaking things up in a mediation, for stimulating creativity amongst participants or simply ideas for stimulating mediator creativity as a precursor to helping others to be creative.

I hope that mediators and others who like the ideas and resources will donate to support the operations of the CoRe Clinic (or become a member of CoRe).  As well, the weekly “jolts” will be collected for publication as a handy tool to carry into mediations.  That tool will be available for sale with all profits going directly to support the Clinic.

To donate to the CoRe Clinic, please go to http://bit.ly/CoReDonations.  Or learn about CoRe’s annual membership program at: http://bit.ly/CoReMembership.

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