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Sharon Sutherland


Taking the plunge!


Workwise, I’m a mediator and former law professor.  From 2000-2014, I taught a clinical mediation program at UBC Faculty of Law, ran a judicial externship program and acted as Clinic Supervisor for the CoRe Conflict Resolution Clinic.  My private practice has included civil, commercial and child protection mediation.

Before entering law school, I was was working on a Ph.D. in Drama that lapsed when I couldn’t quite manage articling, a pregnancy with twins, and completing a thesis.  Instead, when the twins were one and I was expecting a third, I went back to do an LL.M. in ADR.  But, of course, I’ve always viewed my pre-Law theatre work as an important counterpart to my legal training and continue to work on projects related to the intersection of Law and Theatre.

You’ll see lots of influences from my theatre studies and legal studies in this blog.  I also write about popular culture, especially television, so you will find references to my favourites shows.  But you’ll also hear ideas drawn from my family life.  I’m a mother of three adults, married to a tax lawyer.  As a family, we enjoy GISHing (Team Brown(Trench)Coats!), game jams, and many other very bad ideas!  Happily, all of the worst ideas are great fodder for jolts!

And borrowing from image theatre’s emphasis on the visual, the accompanying photo of me will tell you all about how I’m approaching Core Jolts!

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  1. Love the Bot article, just discovered it by Googling myself (ashamed to say)!

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